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Joniškis “Aušros” gymnasium is the oldest four year school in the town which provides the secondary education and has the deepest educational traditions and experience in the region. There are 15 sets of classes in the gymnasium. Pupils study in specialized classrooms and in newly equipped modern laboratories. About 430 students from various places of the region attend this particular gymnasium and about 40 teachers and administration work here.
Our gymnasium is situated in the north part of Lithuania bordering Latvia. It is placed in geographically disadvantaged area which is far away from cultural and industial centres of our country. Living in the remote area locals experience not only a big problem of unemployment but also a high number of migration. However, our gymnasium implements some local and national projects and activities in order to enhance students‘ motivation in academic and after school activities. Modern technology has changed the students‘ lives in ways that divert them from going out, doing outdoor activities and choosing a healthy lifestyle. Despite all these issues, our gymnasium teachers try to combat that by providing students active, healthy and interesting after school activities. Therefore, administration and stafft try to integrate the solutions of these problems into learning process. 
Our gymnasium administration, teachers and staff  have to look for effective school management ways, apply various changes, be constantly trained and learn from other European schools. Participating in different national and international projects help students to realise the importance of multiculturalism and adapt it in their everyday life. Moreover, projects can help to motivate students to change their lifestyle into a healthy, modern and moving forward.

Atnaujinta: 2023-06-03
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  • 3. 09.50 - 10.35
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